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Products and services

We are specialized in indoor and outdoor painting and decorating. If necessary we wil provide for scaffolding and platform, and the required permits. We also provide spraypainting, fiberglass wallpaper, plastering and renovation.

Painting and renovation

In order to preserve your woodwork it should be painted regularly. If necessary we can replace damaged wood, before painting.

Wall painting

Painting walls is mainly done using rollers. In some occasions it can also be applied via spry painting. Most often this will be when dealing with large surfaces. This method gives a very smooth surface.

Fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper is used to strenghten damaged and cracked walls. It is an easy, affordable and strong way to create smooth walls.


For smooth walls and ceilings we also work with a plasterer. He can also apply decorative plaster.

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